Agent Referral Program

When consumers come to Clover Home to buy or sell a home, we want to refer them to the best agent in the neighborhood, even if that means referring them to an outside brokerage. Our goal is to see more consumers buying real estate with true experts who live in the community they sell in.

Do you have what it takes?

Consumer Advocacy

Our Neighborhood Experts provide true value to consumers, and they are worth every penny. Let’s face it, the average person knows 4-5 real estate agents. But, only 8% of real estate agents sell more than 20 houses per year (full-time professionals), and only a fraction of full-time agents are involved in their community.

If you sell more than 20 houses per year and you are involved in your community, congratulations! We want to refer clients to you!

How does it work?

Clover Home assigns Neighborhood Experts to represent the neighborhoods they actually live in and are involved in. We refer clients to you directly and only charge a 15% referral fee.

When buyers browse listings, our Neighborhood Experts are associated with every listing in their own neighborhood. Neighborhood Experts receive marketing alongside these listings and consumers are encouraged to connect with them.

When a seller is looking to sell a home, we provide them with an easy way to request a listing appointment with the Neighborhood Expert in their neighborhood.

Are these leads referrals any good?

We don’t consider these “leads”. Leads are junk. These are referrals. A lead is a click that gets put onto yet another marketing list. Somebody pays for that data and their conversion rate is very low. Neighborhood Experts work with Clover Home on a referral basis. We are a licensed brokerage, but we refer these clients to you because we know that you will provide the full-service experience that they want. When you get a referral from Clover Home, the buyer or seller has been provided all their options and they choose to work directly with you. So, are they any good? Yeah, they’re pretty darn good.

What does it cost?

15% when you close a transaction that we referred to you. If we refer you to a buy/sell client, you will pay on both transactions, but that’s it. Remember, these are referrals, not pay-per-click leads. You keep the client in your database for future transactions. You become their lifelong agent. Simply fill out the short application above to get started, sign the referral agreement, and once you’re approved, we will start marketing you as the Neighborhood Expert in your neighborhood.