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  • Dual Variable & Co-Op Commissions – How to understand them before buying or selling a home
    Pete Ambrose – 8/5/2021 The “Variable (AKA Dual Rate)” is defined by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) as “listings where one amount of commission is payable if the listing broker’s firm is the procuring cause of sale/lease, and a different amount of commission is payable if the sale/lease results through the efforts of the […]
  • What To Do Once I Have Found an Off Market Seller
    Congratulations! You have found someone interested in selling you their home off-market! Now what? Give us a call at Clover Home or submit an Every Home Purchase Request so we can gather some details. Clover Home will help you and the seller of the home carry out a fully secure transaction with inspections, title work, […]
  • The Process of Buying a Home Off-Market
    Real estate doesn’t need to be so complicated. Buyers want to buy. Sellers want to sell. So how do we get this done? Use Every Home to find off-market homes that meet your criteria.   Write letters to the homeowners expressing your interest in purchasing. Click here for Tips for writing a Home Buyers letter […]
  • Tips for writing a Home Buyers letter to an-off market Seller
    Pete Ambrose – 8/6/2021 Are you up for the Every Home challenge? If you ask real estate agents how they bought their own home, you will probably hear a lot of them say that they bought it off-market. Basically, doing exactly what you are about to do. Real estate agents know that commissions are expensive, […]