Clover Home Direct

You’re in control of
your home purchase

Want to save some money? Just need a broker to open a door, write a contract, do a little negotiating? We got you covered. Let’s be honest, that’s all that most agents do for their buyers anyway, but they call themselves full-service and expect to get paid a full commission. Tell you what, if you find the house, we will walk you through the rest of the process and you will pay a whole lot less.

Typically, the seller of a home pays 3.2% commission to the listing agent and 2.8% commission to the buyer’s agent (a total of a 6% sales commission). But we all know that the commission is baked into the sale price of the home. In reality, the buyer pays both agents’ commissions because the buyer is the only person bringing money to the table. Think about it this way, if the home you wanted to buy didn’t have a 6% commission attached to it, would it be 6% cheaper? Heck yes, it would! Or how about this: if your buyer’s agent worked for free (hypothetically speaking), would your offer be 2.8% stronger than everyone else’s? You bet it would. This is why when a real estate agent buys a house for themselves, they don’t charge the seller a commission, because they know their offer is a whole lot stronger without it.

How much is that commission actually worth to the seller? Well, if you were to make an offer on a house for $500,000, that is a $14,000 commission they normally pay to the buyer’s agent. So, if your offer doesn’t have a commission attached to it, your offer is $14,000 stronger. What would you do for $14,000???

Using Clover Home Direct is a lot like buying a home if you had a real estate license and you wanted to do a deal for yourself, with no (or a very small) buyer’s agent commission attached to it.

How to Use Clover Home Direct

  1. Find a house that you want to buy by using the Clover Home search.
  2. Schedule a showing using Direct Show. You will pay per showing to have a licensed agent show you the house. Kind of like Uber, but for real estate. Unlike requesting a showing on any other real estate website that sells your consumer information to a list of desperate real estate agents looking to solicit your business, your information is secure on Clover Home. When you pay a showing agent for a showing, they can no longer solicit your business. Showing agents are not Clover Home agents, they are licensed agents who show houses in their spare time and get paid for each showing. Just like the drivers on your ride sharing apps.
  3. After seeing the house that you want to buy, submit an Offer Request through Clover Home Direct.
  4. We go to work for you as expert negotiators. We are ready to write offers on homes for you 24/7. Your offer is strong as an ox without the buyer’s agent commission attached to it.
  5. Once under contact we do everything a typical real estate agent will do for you at this point including scheduling inspections, ordering title work, and navigating the mortgage process.

Save Money!

We charge a flat $3,000 fee for this service. You can pay the fee if you wish, making your offer truly commission-free to the seller OR you can ask the seller to pay the reduced commission, which is still very attractive to the seller who was planning to pay a full commission.

Tight on cash? You might want us to take a $7,000 commission (which is still a great discount in most cases) and then credit $4,000 of that commission towards your closing costs. No problem!

Still have questions? Give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions.