Every Home

Every Home is for sale – for the right price

People love selling their homes. But, you know what everybody hates doing? Marketing their home… hiring a real estate agent, cleaning, making repairs, staging, photos, showings, the list goes on. Then when it’s all finished, they pay tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions out of their equity. Is there any way to just circumvent the entire process and buy a home before the seller hires a real estate agent?

Welcome to Every Home

The process is simple, and everybody saves time, money, and headache.

1. Fill out the Every Home form with your desired home purchase criteria.

2. We will pull the records for Every Home that meets your criteria. Not just the homes listed on the market, but EVERY HOME.

3. You write some letters to the homeowners expressing interest in buying their home.

4. When you get a bite, Clover Home steps in to help you and the seller figure out the price and terms. 

5. Close the transaction.

Experience Off Market Savings!

Are you willing to do a little leg work and write some letters? If you find an off-market seller who wants to sell their home to you, we will guide everybody through a fair negotiation process, write a contract, and ensure that inspection, appraisal, mortgage, and title work is all done properly. If you end up buying a house, we charge a flat $3,000 fee for our service which can be paid by you or the seller (or split between the two of you).  No commission, just a fair consulting fee for the service provided.

If it’s so easy, why haven’t I heard of this before?

Think about it, real estate agents control the market. They hate off-market transactions because often they don’t get paid on them, or if they do get paid, they must convince the buyer and seller that they can’t do this deal without them and try to negotiate a commission for themselves. Real estate agents have spent over a century convincing you that the only way to buy or sell a home is with their hands in the transaction. At Clover Home, we are different. We don’t chase commissions. Instead, we use this handy tool called the Internet to educate you on all your options and charge reasonable rates for consulting.

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