Buying With Clover Home Direct

How does Clover Home Direct differ from a traditional real estate agent?

Instead of paying a buyer’s agent 2.8%, we charge a flat $5,000 fee instead. The difference goes to making your offer stronger or getting the house for a lower price.

The major differences between Clover Home Direct and a traditional real estate agent are:

  1. You find the home. (Which you probably already do anyway!)
  2. Showings work a little differently. Think Uber for real-estate. (See How do showings work? further down)
  3. We expect you to have some knowledge about the home-buying process.

Through these 3 differences, we are able to bring the costs down and pass the savings on to you.

Included in the $5,000 are all the services you would expect with a traditional agent:

  1. Showings
  2. Writing up offers / contracts
  3. Price negotiation and strategy
  4. Scheduling inspections
  5. Managing dates and deadlines

Our real estate agents have years of experience and will work hard to ensure you obtain your dream home and have the best experience possible. All of our real estate agents are licensed in the state of Colorado.

I thought the seller pays both agent’s commissions?

Actually, you the buyer are paying for the buyer’s and seller’s agents! Think about it. Who is bringing the money to the table? You are! Your money (or the bank’s which you will pay back), pays the seller and both agents.

With Clover Home Direct, we include language in your offer, that the buyer’s agent will not take the 2.8% commission and instead will charge a flat $5,000 fee. This makes the seller receive more money than a traditional offer. Your offer is more attractive and has a better chance of being chosen.

Here is an example. Suppose the house price is $600,000. In a traditional offer, the seller’s agent gets paid 3% or $18,000. The buyer’s agent gets paid 2.8% or $16,800. The seller gets what’s left: $565,200.

With a Clover Home Direct offer, the seller’s agent still gets paid $18,000. The buyer’s agent only takes $5,000. The seller is left with $577,000. That is $11,800 more than they would get with a traditional offer. Your offer is much more attractive than a traditional one. $11,800 more attractive.

How do showings work?

Use our search platform to find houses you want to see. You can set up a saved search to get email notifications when homes come on that meet your criteria.

To schedule a showing, click “Schedule with Direct Show” in the right sidebar. Choose a desired time to see the house. A real estate agent will meet you at the home. These agents show homes in their spare time and do not work for Clover Home. Think Uber for real estate. We tip them for a job well done. Unlike Zillow agents who are trying to solicit your business (they want the 2.8%!), these agents will not. They provide a no pressure experience.

We pay for your first 10 showings. After that, it is $65 a showing. This is one of the ways we are able to lower our costs to $5,000. We pass the savings on to you.

How does making an offer work?

When you have found a home you would like to place an offer on using our search platform, click “Start an Offer” in the right sidebar. A licensed Clover Home real estate agent will contact you and work with you to construct an offer. Then it is presented to the listing agent.

What happens after an offer?

If your offer is accepted, we get busy scheduling escrow, inspections, appraisals, etc. A transaction manager is assigned to you to keep everything moving forward in a timely manner and that nothing slips through the cracks.

If there are any issues that come up, like failed inspections, we work to communicate with the seller to resolve these issues in your favor. If they cannot be resolved, we help you terminate the contract before the relevant deadlines.

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