Full-Service / Flat Fee

We get it, real estate is expensive! Traditional real estate continues to operate on a percentage-based model. A model that made sense decades ago. At Clover Home, we recognize that the service provided, by even the best real estate agents, is the same, no matter what price the home sells for. So, we never tie our fee to the value of your home.  

Whether you are buying or selling, we never charge a customer more than $10,000 for our service. Unlike most other flat fee real estate companies, our full-service model is not an assembly line ultimately leading to poor customer service. It’s simple, you get a dedicated, experienced agent as a single point of contact. They handle your transaction from start to finish and never charge more than $10,000, no matter what your home is worth.

Flat Fee Listings:
You get everything you would get with any other expert real estate agent. Listing consultation, high-end marketing, expert negotiating, transaction management, etc. End of story.

Flat Fee Home Buying:
You get everything you would get with any other expert real estate agent. One-on-one showing service, expert negotiating, inspections, transaction management, etc. End of story.

But doesn’t the seller pay the buyer’s agent commission?
This is a common misconception. While you may have been told before that the buyer’s agent service is “free” to the buyer because the seller pays it, this is merely an illusion. In fact, the buyer does pay the commission indirectly. The buyer pays the seller, and the seller pays the buyer’s agent. It is all baked into the purchase price of the house. Remember, the buyer is the only person bringing money to the closing table.

At Clover Home, we give our buyers full representation. But we don’t gouge the seller for a commission. If the commission offered is more than $10,000, which is almost always the case, we reduce the amount of commission that we will take. The seller ends up paying us less than they would pay any other buyer. Therefore, your offer is more attractive in a competitive situation. In a non-competitive situation, you have the opportunity to buy the house for less money and the seller can still net the same amount.  

Do I pay a buyer’s agent commission if Clover Home sells my house?
Until the industry changes, yes. However, unlike listing your home with a traditional real estate brokerage, we let you choose how much commission you want to pay the buyer’s agent. A full buyer’s agent commission is anything between 2.5% and 2.8%. We will walk you through all the pros and cons if you decide to pay a buyer’s agent less than a full commission and let you decide how much you want to pay. It’s your house, your way.