We Are Consumer Proptech

We built Clover Home to put real estate technology in your hands

Clover Home removes industry friction between buyers and sellers and we never charge a percentage-based commission.

The Problem

The process of buying and selling real estate has been virtually unchanged and unchallenged for over 100 years. The market is saturated with real estate agents which is one of the fastest-growing careers in America. Today there are over 3 million real estate agents in a country that sells about 6.5 million houses per year. That is just over 2 houses for every real estate agent. Basic economics tells us that when the supply is high, the price will come down and innovation will occur. But it hasn’t. The traditional real estate process still costs homeowners about 6% of their home’s value. Even with everything going online, the process of buying and selling has not changed.

The Clover Home Solution

Principles before profits: We will never charge a consumer more than $10,000 for a real estate transaction. Often, we charge much less, and we are striving to bring that number down.

Technology & Innovation: We are providing consumer-first property technology, innovating new methods of selling homes, and lifting the veil on real estate commissions.

Excellence: Clover Home is raising the bar in all things real estate and providing real value for consumers. 90% of all real estate agents could give up their license tomorrow and the industry wouldn’t even notice. If you’re a real estate agent and that number scares you, be excellent at your craft. Disruption is coming and you must be able to provide real value to consumers if you want to survive.