The Process of Buying a Home Off-Market

Real estate doesn’t need to be so complicated. Buyers want to buy. Sellers want to sell. So how do we get this done?

  1. Use Every Home to find off-market homes that meet your criteria.  
  2. Write letters to the homeowners expressing your interest in purchasing. Click here for Tips for writing a Home Buyers letter to an-off market Seller.
  3. Once you get a call or email from an interested seller, meet with them in person to look at the home and decide if you still have interest in buying the home.
  4. If you are interested in moving forward, send an Every Home Purchase Request or call (303) 400-6689. Clover Home will then step in to help facilitate any upfront negotiations, answer questions, and draft an Intent to Purchase (contract will come later).
  5. Homeowner orders the first appraisal to establish fair market value.
  6. Clover Home facilitates any additional negotiations and drafts a purchase contract with price and terms completed.
  7. Typical real estate contract is carried out with earnest money, inspection, title work, due diligence, mortgage etc. The buyer will have the 2nd appraisal ordered (assuming there is a mortgage). Depending on how the contract is negotiated, the price may be renegotiated if the 2nd appraisal is not close to the first appraisal.
  8. Transaction is closed and ownership is transferred.